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david skibbins david skibbins: who am i?

david skibbins I've devoted my professional life to answering that question. Here are some of the experiences that have led me to designing Insight Oriented Coaching.

  • I was the founder of the coaching certificate program offered by the Department of Continuing Education at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, CA.
  • I have been supervisor in the Certificate program at CTI for a decade years.
  • I have my CPCC from Coaches Training Institute and my PCC from the International Coach Federation.
Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Counseling:
  • I am a licensed Marriage and Family Counselor. I was a Psychotherapist, Clinical Director and Clinical Supervisor at Bay View Psychological Institute from 1981-2003.
  • I co-led dream work sessions with Jeremy Taylor.
  • I co-taught Enneagram classes with Helen Palmer.
  • I taught graduate psychology courses in psychopathology, psychological assessment, human development, organizational development and group therapy.
  • I was Director of Training at St. George Homes, a Jungian-based treatment center for schizophrenic adolescents.
  • I led Sales Training Workshops and Accountability Groups at Prudential California Realty.
My Education:
  • I studied with some masters in the psychotherapy field: Transactional Analysis—Mary and Bob Goldberg Hypnotherapy—Carl Whittiker Family Therapy—Marty Kirshenbaum and Shirley Luthman Direct Psychoanalysis—John Rosen Sensory Awareness—Charlotte Selver and Charles Brooks
  • I have a PH.D. in Clinical Psychology from the School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco.
  • I wrote my dissertation on: Control Mastery theory and the Dreams of Women who were Sexually Abused as Children.
  • I'm the author of Becoming A Life Coach (New Harbinger Publications, 2007), Working Clean and Sober (Hazelden, 2000) and four mystery novels.
  • I am joyously married to Marla Morein Skibbins and the proud father of Heather Sage Skibbins.
  • I have been a spiritual student in the Ridhwan School, studying under Hameed Ali and the other teachers there since 1990.
  • Every morning I walk the bluffs overlooking the Pacific with my Portuguese Water Dog named Diva.
  • I will never stop asking myself, "Who am I?"

david skibbins
david skibbins
david skibbins
If you are interested in scheduling a free half hour consulting session,
email CoachDvd AT aol DOT com
with your telephone number and I will call to set one up.

david skibbins

david skibbins