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insight oriented coaching insight oriented coaching
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Insight Oriented Coaching is a style of coaching that blends together: psychological theories, coaching tools and spiritual perspectives into one way of work on yourself. It takes the best from all three worlds:

The World of Psychotherapy:
  • Maps of the Ego, and how your psychological structure works.
  • Techniques for uncovering hidden and unknown beliefs you hold about yourself and the world.
  • A developmental family view of the way your role in your family impacts the choices you make today.
  • An interactional framework for understanding the impact you make on others, and the impact they make on you.
  • A technology for creating an insight-oriented learning environment.
  • An orientation on exploring the past to discover all the ways it consciously and unconsciously effects you in your choices today.
The World of Coaching:
  • A perspective that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. You do not need fixing.
  • A focus on values, dreams and passions rather than on barriers, problems, resistance or denial.
  • A technology for creating an accountable environment that is the product of the client, not the coach or anyone else.
  • An orientation on exploring the future to find the compelling forces that will pull you towards your destiny.
The World of Your Spiritual Journey:
  • The awareness that you are more than your ego/personality.
  • The kindling of the longing to connect with the Divine, in whatever way you understand that.
  • Technologies of spiritual practice and prayer to discover deeper levels of who you are, and to serve the greater good.
  • An orientation toward truths, or states of being that are timeless.
This work is for people who have had experience with coaching. Now you are curious about what more you can discover about yourselves, out beyond the boundaries of therapy or coaching.

david skibbins
david skibbins
david skibbins
If you are interested in scheduling a free half hour consulting session,
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david skibbins

david skibbins