insight oriented coaching insight oriented coaching
insight oriented coaching insight oriented coaching
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Insight Oriented Coaching is for the coaching client who is looking for something more than:
  • accountability,
  • alignment around values,
  • future dreaming,
  • goal setting,
  • championing.
It can include all these things but Insight Oriented Coaching goes out beyond the boundary of traditional coaching. We explore:
  • your personal history and consider how that affects your choices.
  • your spiritual beliefs and practices, and reflect on how you can find a place for them in your daily life.
  • your roles in your childhood, your current family, your work setting, your community, and your universe.
  • your soul's work this lifetime.
Insight Oriented Coaching is not psychotherapy, and is not meant to take the place of psychiatric or psychological treatment for mental illness. It is perfectly suited for healthy men and women who desire to know themselves in a deeper way at the same time that they pursue their destiny.

david skibbins
david skibbins
david skibbins
If you are interested in scheduling a free half hour consulting session,
email CoachDvd AT aol DOT com
with your telephone number and I will call to set one up.

david skibbins

david skibbins